Blundellsands Renovation Project

Blundellsands Renovation Project

The 23 Foundation charity was launched to help kids of all ages around the world.

This project was undertaken by the charity and is designed to be of service to the whole community in Blundellsands near Crosby on Merseyside. The aim was to refurbish dozens of the existing benches which were literally falling to bits and in disrepair. They were also an eyesore and dangerous to kids and elderly people alike.

We are very grateful to Philly Carragher for his energy and dedication in organising and managing the necessary resources, materials and manpower for such a large project. A huge thank you also to all the helpers and people involved. Not only were the benches all refurbished and varnished, but the area around each one was cleaned and flagged, as per pictures attached.

The feedback from local residents has been extremely positive as they now have somewhere clean and safe to sit to enjoy the beauty of Blundellsands, the seashore and the wildlife. “A huge thank you to Philly and his team, this was a large undertaking and will benefit so many people in the area” said Mike Lepic of the 23 Foundation, pictured here with Philly Carragher.

23 Foundation Charity Game ….

23 Foundation Charity Game ….

There was a great turn out both off and on the pitch for the 23 Foundation charity game held at the the Delta Stadium last weekend.

A great turn in support of the 23 Foundation included Carra, Alan Kennedy, John Durnin, David Thompson, Neil Mellow and Jason McAteer, who were managed by former LFC Manager Roy Evans.

A great day was had by players and fans alike, and although a 4-1 win to the 23 Foundation was the end result, fun enjoyment and charity were the real winners.

Here is what the Liverpool Echo had to say about the day; Liverpool Echo Match Report & here are some photos

The 23 Foundation would like to thank everyone who played, everyone who came along to support and to Fred and the team from the 23 Foundation who worked hard to make the day happen!


Silky Skills From Alfie Lussey

Silky Skills From Alfie Lussey

Here are some  sublime skills from Alfie Lussey who plays for the LFC Academy.

Alfie scores goals for fun for his beloved LFC and certainly one to watch out for in the future.

Not sure where the Real Madrid kit came from!!

We hope to see you scoring regularly for the first team Alfie, YNWA!

For Jackson James

For Jackson James

The 23 Foundation were recently contacted by a friend of the family to ask for a donation to help towards the funeral costs for Jackson James.

Jackson was just 5 months old when he tragically passed away in his sleep at home in Wigan.

His family are raising money to give Jackson the beautiful funeral and a fitting headstone that he deserves.

The 23 Foundation have donated £250 in remembrance of Jackson. If you would like to donate please visit their Go Fund Me page which can be found here – Jackson James Page

We send our sincere condolences to Jacksons family, and hope that Jackson sleeps tight. RIP little man x

Thank You From Rowan in Gloucester …

Thank You From Rowan in Gloucester …

The 23 Foundation recently donated a signed limited edition Stevie Gerrard shirt to help raise money to buy some equipment to help a young lad in Gloucester.

Rowan is 20 months old and was starved of oxygen at birth. Rowen has numerous health issues that include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, impaired vision and he has up to 20 seizures a day. Although daily life is always harder for him than most, he regularly dons a big smile on his face and is such a brave and beautiful little boy.

The Stevie Gerrard shirt was auctioned and raised £400 to be used to help buy equipment to make Rowan’s life easier and more comfortable.

Rowan, and his parents would like to thank Jamie, Mike and the 23 Foundation for their support and kindness …. it really is appreciated!

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