Please Support 4 Year Old – Ellie-Mai

Please Support 4 Year Old – Ellie-Mai

Dear all,

Please help us to help this lovely little girl and her family.

Ellie-Mai is a 4 year old little girl who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2014, at just 2 years old. She has battled the past 2 years with countless trips to theatre, chemo cycles and ongoing side effects.

On the 24th November it was confirmed that Ellie had relapsed, her parents worst nightmare, this time round isn’t as straight forward as just having chemo. Ellie will have to undergo a bone marrow transplant. She is going to be spending the next 6 weeks on the Oncology ward as the risk of infection at this time is very high. Ellie spent her Christmas here.

The treatment is very intense. Ellie will begin to lose her hair again in the next 4 weeks and will have many physical changes as well as sickness and other side effects from chemo. As many of you know hospitals are an expensive place and if we come together as a community we can help take the stress of this family fighting a second battle with cancer. Both parents have had to leave their jobs to care for both Ellie who is 4 and her 10 month old younger sister.

I had the pleasure of meeting young Ellie recently, she is a lovely girl with a big heart, please help us to help Ellie and her family (Mike Lepic – 23 Foundation).

You can donate here:

Or you can donate through the 23 Foundation. For more information about how you can donate please contact

YNWA – 23 Foundation

Japanese Supporters Branch

Japanese Supporters Branch

Dear all

Please join us in thanking Yumiko Tamaru (pictured – the lady holding the microphone on the left with the Carra/Suarez picture) and the Official Japanese Supporters Branch for their latest donation. They kindly donated £400.34 which their supporters club and LFC International Academy in Japan had raised.

They held a charity auction, using two framed 23 Foundation photos as prizes. They have also donated some funds to the LFC Foundation. The young lad who bid the highest price for the framed photo of Jamie is from the LFC International Academy Japan. His mother is a disabled lady in a wheelchair and a big fan of Jamie! She looked very happy getting this framed photo of Jamie. The chap who bid the highest price for the framed photo of Jamie and Suarez is a member of their supporters club.

Thank you again Yumiko and to all our good friends from Japan.

YNWA 23 Foundation.

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