The New White 2019/20 Away Kit …. Yes Or No?

The New White 2019/20 Away Kit …. Yes Or No?

We love the new white 2019/20 away kit, but we’d love to know your thoughts on it!

We only hope that the players don’t revisit the Spice Boys days though and start attending away matches in white Paul Smith suits too …. no matter how good Redknapp, Fowler and Macca looked that day at Wembley they just aren’t cool any more!

Let is know what you think of the new away kit on our Facebook page!

PS: Champions Of Europe …. “We won it 6 times”

Happy 127th Birthday Liverpool FC …

Happy 127th Birthday Liverpool FC …

Liverpool Football Club officially celebrates its 127th birthday today.

On June 3, 1892, founder John Houlding received the certificate below from the Board of Trade, which ratified the formation of his brand new team to play at Anfield.

The chain of events that led to the creation of Liverpool FC had actually started three months earlier, when Houlding and his close associates split from Everton FC after an acrimonious dispute.

Left with a stadium but without a team, a new club was born.

A vision was quickly agreed upon, beginning with the mission statement: “That the club be called Liverpool Football Club and shall play under the Rules of the Football Association.”

But Houlding and his friends would have to wait until June 3 of that year for Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company Limited to be officially recognised.

The rest, as they say, is history.

One hundred and twenty-seven years, 42 major trophies, thousands of magical moments, millions of passionate supporters around the world, one Liverpool FC.

Image courtesy of Liverpool FC Instagram.

(Information credited to Liverpool FC website)

A Lovely Story From Madrid ……

A Lovely Story From Madrid ……

We read a lovely story from Madrid today, where a Spurs fan found a Liverpool fans wallet complete with 800 Euro’s, cards and driving license, and a letter from the fans wife, she had passed away earlier this year.

When Allan Bissell, a Spurs fan, found the wallet in Madrid the only thing on his mind was to get the wallet back to its owner, which he did before the game.

Read the full story here

Well done Allan for the kindness you’ve shown …. a great example that Football is the beautiful game and there are some truly amazing football fans (and people) out there!

We know the result wasn’t a great one for you, but we hope you still had an amazing time in Madrid.


How cute is this ….

How cute is this ….

How cute is this tweet from @ohmeohmy_liv showing Mrs Klopp (Ulla Sandrock) cheering her husband and the rest of the team as they pass her on the victory parade yesterday ….. and to get a better view she even stood on a bin!

It’s lovely seeing everybody get involved ….. and just like Ulla, the whole of the red half of Liverpool were cheering Klopp and his redmen on too!

Thank you @ohmeohmy_liv for sharing this tweet with us.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – T’mya Fyffe

You’ll Never Walk Alone – T’mya Fyffe

Here is 12 year old T’mya Fyffe performing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at Aintree Racecourse on Saturday evening before the start of the Champions League final.

Watch T’mya’s performance here

We think you’ll all agree she has the voice on an angel and gave a perfect rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Thank you T’mya for sharing this with us – we love it!

#YNWA #wewonit6times

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