The 23 Foundation charity was launched to help kids of all ages around the world.

This project was undertaken by the charity and is designed to be of service to the whole community in Blundellsands near Crosby on Merseyside. The aim was to refurbish dozens of the existing benches which were literally falling to bits and in disrepair. They were also an eyesore and dangerous to kids and elderly people alike.

We are very grateful to Philly Carragher for his energy and dedication in organising and managing the necessary resources, materials and manpower for such a large project. A huge thank you also to all the helpers and people involved. Not only were the benches all refurbished and varnished, but the area around each one was cleaned and flagged, as per pictures attached.

The feedback from local residents has been extremely positive as they now have somewhere clean and safe to sit to enjoy the beauty of Blundellsands, the seashore and the wildlife. “A huge thank you to Philly and his team, this was a large undertaking and will benefit so many people in the area” said Mike Lepic of the 23 Foundation, pictured here with Philly Carragher.

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