Who remembers United’s manager at the time Alex Ferguson commenting that they had ‘knocked Liverpool off their f***ng perch’ ….. doesn’t that seem a long time ago now!

It seems that Liverpool FC are well and truly ‘back on our perch’ and 2020’s amazing season highlighted it.

We absolutely smashed it this season and here are Hendo and Carra showing off our incredible successes with these amazing ‘Back On Our Perch’ banners.

We love these banners and its great to see Hendo holding one of these with a huge smile on his face, particularly after Fergie hadn’t been too complimentary about him as a footballer in past years.

Its great to be back on our perch …. and long may it continue!

Back on our perch banners – 23 Foundation

Where is Gary Neville when you need him? ๐Ÿ˜‚
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